Some Things To Think About...


We give you lots of options for your portraits and we have some suggestions to help you make your portrait experience perfect.

❖    Locations...  We can suggest our favorite locations, but you decide; scenic, serene, your home, your favorite place, your choice.  Just let us know if you prefer your backyard, pine trees in the park, blue sky, swaying palms, tropical beauty or a big beautiful ocean complete with an amazing colorful sunset to set the scene for your family portrait.


❖    Attire...  We suggest plain colors, family members coordinated so that one person doesn’t steal the show.  Of course there are endless exceptions; let the baby stand out in bright pink, she is going to steal the show anyway, dress everyone in matchy-matchy Aloha prints just for fun, girls in white, boys in black, or just your favorite flattering outdoor attire.  Unless your photo shoot is on the sidewalk please leave those spike heels at home.


❖    Time of day...   We prefer mornings, afternoon and early evening for the best lighting.  Morning light is beautiful, the earlier the better and afternoon right up until our glorious Hawaiian sunset is usually spectacular.


❖    Schedule...  Allow time for a beautiful walk on the beach or a leisurely moment to enjoy the scenery so we can capture the real fun and enjoyment of the day.  We do understand that you have lots of activities to get to so we don’t take more of your valuable time than we need.


❖    Kids... We love kids and are very patient.  Bring snacks and smiles.


❖    Have fun... Happy faces are the best!

beautiful images to cherish forever

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