Need help finding the best services for your event...

Events, from small, private to huge commercial, all require specialized services, we are happy to customize our services to match your event.


Entertainment: Are you looking for a fun pastime at your event?  A Photo booth, lots of fun, plenty of props, is a great souvenir of your event.


Coverage:  We cover conventions and events that last several days in multiple locations, or even just a couple of memorable hours you want to capture.


Gifts:  A keepsake framed or mated photo of couples or groups complete with your company logo or event name is a perfect gift to give your participants.


Photo and Video:  Speakers, performers, action; some events need to be captured in all their memorable sound and motion.  Couples, groups, promotional moments are best in photos and digital media.  We can put together custom packages that include video and photo, one or both, your event, your choice.


beautiful images to cherish forever

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